Edgar was born on the 8th of May 2017

He is the most beautiful baby boy and I, as his father, have gone a bit mad with photographs of this incredibly beautiful creature and although there are the odd social media posts and a few(!) high-quality printed books (through Blurbs), I decided to ‘park’ some of the pictures here, as a chronology of pure love and beauty.

the beginning

At the end of the day though, perhaps the most beautiful photograph in the whole collection was not taken by me with a fancy camera (I mostly use the SONY RX1Rii full frame 42MP camera) and sophisticated software (processed as film in LightRoom), but by by my father-in-law, Rodney, of Emily, Edgar and me leaving Kingston Hospital.

in other words

I have written one important poem in my life and it was on the arrival of Edgar. It is posted on wordpress.liquid.info/the-long-hello/ Part of the story has been blogged about on my main blog.

Frode Hegland,
Wimbledon 2021

© Frode Hegland and Edgar Kazu Ballard Hegland 2019